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CENTRE WILL BE OPENING Tuesday, September 8, 2020

When you enter the Centre we will be asking some questions, taking your temperature and you must wear a mask. If you are not a registered member we need your name and telephone number.

We will be starting with Art Group, Shuffleboard, Darts, Pool and Yoga. Unfortunatly at this time we have not been given permission to play cards or have our lunches.

Board Members September- October 2020

Front Row L to R: Carolyn Coad, Vice-President Roy Trowell, John Coggans, Treasurer Carmen Unsworth. Back Row: Brenda Zakal, Executive Director Christine Lehn, Carolyn Campbell, President Homer Vandervecht, Past President Cliff Hartwick, Secretary Gail Turk

Message from President, Homer Vandervecht

September 1, 2020

This Chatter report is being prepared during the COVID-19 pandemic. Your Board of Directors and Executive Director are following the guidance and direction of the federal , provincial, and local governments and the health authorities with respect to when activities may resume at the Centre.

We have an incredible team of staff and volunteers who have been preparing some wonderful activities for us. Of course it is frustrating to have to put that on hold, but if our aim is to continue to serve seniors well, then our first priority must be to keep everyone safe.

As we hear so often, “we will get through this”, that is true also for the Centre. Our staff and volunteers will ensure that as soon as permissible the activities will resume, and will make the required adjustments to protect all of us from harm.

It was just over two years ago that Cliff Hartwick asked if I would consider standing for election to the Board of Directors. I was a bit reluctant, but quickly found out how persuasive Cliff can be. I can honestly say that I am thankful for that persuasion. My time with the Board has been very enjoyable. The guidance of the Executive Director and the strong support all members of the Board made my responsibilities as President very easy.

Our  Annual General Meeting is now re-scheduled for September 18, 2020. Please mark your calendar. This is an opportunity to learn more about all activities of the Centre, and to have a voice in its plans for the future. I also urge you to seriously consider volunteering to serve on a committee or the Board of Directors. The Centre needs your help, and you will enjoy being a part of a very successful organization.

This is my final Chatter report. It’s been a blast! My deep gratitude to Christine Lehn for her support, leadership, and many hours of hard work at the Centre.  Thank you to the members of the Board of Directors for their cooperation and support, and to the many volunteers who are the engine that make the organization run smoothly. To all the members I say you can be very proud of all these folks, and of the Leamington and District Half Century Centre.